Our Work

We are delighted that our Oswinners are currently working on projects in the following areas. Please use the ‘learn more’ buttons to read more about the projects.

Inside & Out

Our Inside & Out Team offer landscaping, gardening and household maintenance in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham. Our Team are dedicated and hard-working and provides a professional service at an affordable cost.

Farming Out

Our ‘Farming Out’ campaign, in collaboration with the New Futures Network, aims to increase the number of people with criminal records employed in horticulture and agriculture. Our first event in 2021 was at HMP North Sea Camp, and our second in 2022 was held at HMP Kirkham.

Growing Out

The Market Garden within HMP Northumberland has been a nurturing space for prisoners to learn horticulture. To address the issue of unused produce, we have created the “Growing Out” initiative. The farm shop will provide high-quality plants, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown in the garden, while surplus produce will be donated to local food banks. The farm shop will also offer sandwiches, cakes, artisan bread, and beverages, serving as a hub for community engagement and support.

Cafe 16

In March 2020, we opened a Café & Bakery inside HMP Northumberland where an experienced Manager and Assistant Manager lead a team of ten prisoners who gain hands on experience, training, and qualifications in catering, food hygiene and baking. In 2021, we opened a Cafe inside Newcastle Cathedral.

Cafe 16 in
HMP Northumberland

Our Bakery & Cafe inside HMP Northumberland currently trains 10 prisoners in the necessary skills for the Catering industry.

Cafe 16 in
Newcastle Cathedral

Café 16 in the Cathedral opened on 12th August 2021 and is a joint enterprise between Newcastle Cathedral and The Oswin Project.   

Cafe 16
at home

You can now order some of our Baked goods and Bread to enjoy at home. Ordered food can be picked up on Tuesdays & Thursdays at Cafe 16 in Newcastle Cathedral.

Past Projects & Initiatives

Employment Conference

We run an Employment Conference every 18 months in Newcastle. Our last event was in March 2022 and featured Kim McGuinness, John McCabe, Kamel Kahn, Lindsay Blackmore, Darren Burns and Lance Harris as Speakers.

Prison Art Exhibition

In March 2022 we hosted a prison art exhibition inside Cafe 16 in Newcastle Cathedral. Artworks were supplied by Koestler Arts, and The Burnbake Trust, a specialist charity that supplies art kits to prisoners.


R-Affordables was established to create an ethical socially driven company, rolling out a new housing initiative based in Scotland. The company’s mission was to build houses whilst tackling inequality and lack of opportunity.


In June 2016, 3 Oswin Project clients carried out a substantial renovation of the Doctor’s House in Pegswood. It is an interesting building; as its name suggests, it was the colliery doctor’s home and surgery.

Pitch Perfect

Some Oswinners worked with Northumberland Football Association to gain skills in ground maintenance. ‘Pitch Perfect’ was a social enterprise initiative to support football pitch maintenance across the County, with the help of associates and a pilot group of partner clubs.

The Pilot Project