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We offer training and experience in the skilled trades of building, painting and decorating.
Under the supervision of our Manager and Assistant Manager, prison leavers gain experience in construction techniques, renovation projects, interior and exterior decorating. Those working in this project are trained to a high standard, with many achieving recognised qualifications. These practical skills not only enhance their employment prospects but also instil a sense of pride and accomplishment. The team also employs prison leavers to work in reforestation, forest management landscaping and conservation projects. They learn sustainable forestry practices, the safe use of chainsaws and machinery but also the valuable skill of working in a team.

We are delighted at how popular this service has proved; our team is being increased to cope with the demand. To find out more, or if you would like a free no-obligation quote, please contact us on: – 07486 364583   Or email:-

Free of Charge Services

We not only provide professional services, we also believe in giving back. We often offer free work to vulnerable individuals, including elderly homeowners, community spaces and charitable organisations. By extending our expertise and support, we aim to create a positive impact and foster a more inclusive society.

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