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Roger Hardman is running in the Great North Run

Roger, one of our Trustee’s is running in The Great North Run, and has chosen the Oswin Project as his Charity.

From his Virgin Money Page:

Oswin Project is a charity that creates second chances for offenders, by training them to be able to hold down a decent job, and then helping them get work, and then mentoring them to help them become established. Offenders who leave prison to go into a stable work environment are far less likely to offend – Oswin, in its 6 years of existence, has had only one repeat offender, compared to the national average of around 60%. This benefits the entire community. Yes, the Government ought to be doing this work, but it doesn’t. So Oswin (and other organisations like it) have stepped into the void, and it is up to you and me to support it.

I would be running this event anyway. I enjoy running. But that doesn’t make the sponsorship any less worthwhile. Also, giving to charity makes you feel good. And you have to ask yourself, would the people who benefit from this get more from this than you would by spending it on a night out?

You can see his Virgin Money page by following the link below:

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