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2,400 Sandwiches for Prison Visitors in HMP Northumberland

Stock Photo of a Sandwich from Unsplash

Following a conversation with Nepacs, who run the visitor centre in HMP Northumberland, Café 16 started supplying fresh sandwiches for visiting families in June of this year. Approximately 2,400 sandwiches later, the Team are now supplying Sausage Rolls, Chocolate Muffins and Baker Martin is developing a Vegan pastry. 
Head baker Martin, assistant manager Chloe and the prisoners who work and train with them, already supply Café 16 in Newcastle Cathedral from the bakery in HMP Northumberland whilst running the prison’s café. They have now successfully met the challenge of making an extra 200 sandwiches a week and demand seems set to increase. Congratulations to all involved.

(Photo is a Stock Photo of a Sandwich by Ilya Shishikhin on Unsplash, it is really difficult for us to get photos taken inside the prison)

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