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Inside & Out have been working at Nunnykirk Hall

Last month, the Inside & Out team were working at Nunnykirk Hall, a historic building near Morpeth and the site of a now closed specialist school. The team have been busy “de-schooling” the building; removing furniture and noticeboards, repairing damaged walls and ceilings, and painting and cutting back overgrown sections of the gardens. Because it was such a large job, they were joined by 4 new members of the team, some of whom have recently been released from Prison. John, the team manager, said “This project has required many different skills and some interesting problem-solving. We have undertaken some repairs to lead roofing in order to stop leaks. The damaged ceilings have then been replaced and the necessary decorating undertaken. The men have found resolving such flaws really satisfying. There has also been extensive recycling and liaising with other tradespeople such as scrap merchants and lumberjacks. We were all needed on this project and were able to bring energy, skills and intelligence together to serve the client’s diverse needs. The feedback so far has been excellent”.  

Following this job, the team are moving on to a Wall repair at a local church – stonework is becoming a bit of a speciality for the team. 

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