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Stepping Stones to Full Employment

In June 2016, 3 Oswin Project clients carried out a substantial renovation of the Doctor’s House in Pegswood. It is an interesting building; as its name suggests, it was the colliery doctor’s home and surgery. On the ground floor, the former waiting room and treatment room can be clearly seen. The latter has been transformed into a kitchen but the lovely old shelves for the medicines remain and these were carefully restored.  The work was completed on time and within budget and everyone was delighted with the result.  But most importantly, those involved have continued in similar employment.

Then in January 2017, work was completed refurbishing the Joiner’s Cottage by another team of three. This work had to be coordinated with plumbers and electricians. It was not entirely straightforward but was satisfactorily completed and the cottage is now being let. Again, two of this team have continued to be employed in painting and decorating.

Spring 2017 sees Oswin Project clients being recruited to work on a project building sustainable social housing in Scotland. This is an extremely promising  project.

It is great to see an ex-offender seizing a second chance by committing to a new life with a job.  The Oswin Project is proud to have provided these opportunities.

If you know of a possible opportunity, do get in touch.  We all need opportunities – but a reformed ex-offender needs them more than most.  Together we can make it happen!

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